This product uses the multidimensional features. To use these features the multidimensional plugin (sold separately) is required.
This product uses the Smart Price features. To use these features the Smart Price plugin (sold separately) is required.
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Perma Eco Flex

The Perma Eco Flex heat transfer is printed using CMYK colors. This makes it possible to print images with unlimited number of colors, also photos. This makes it ideal for licensed images, corporate logos, event merchandise etc. It can be applied to; sportswear, children's wear, leisure wear, bags, jackets, work wear etc.

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This example demonstrates usage of “user defined customizations” feature in the Smart Price plugin.

The product price depends on the quantity and the size of the transfer.
Perma Eco Flex transfers are sold in packs of 50 pieces.

The price per transfer is calculated based on the rules below:

quantitysquare (length x height)
< 25 cm2 < 50 cm2 < 75 cm2 < 100 cm2 < 200 cm2
50 pieces 19.288 20.248 21.352 22.648 24.456
from 100 pieces and less than 200 pieces 11.016 11.568 12.432 13.312 14.512
from 200 pieces and less than 400 pieces 8.272 8.680 9.496 10.256 11.296
from 400 pieces and less than 800 pieces 7.160 7.512 8.392 9.152 10.152

Multicolor transfers add additional percentage plus fixed processing fee. This is clealy indicated under the product price.

See other examples for the Smart Price plugin and the multidimensional plugin.