This product uses the multidimensional features. To use these features the multidimensional plugin Premium (sold separately) is required.
This product uses the Smart Price features. To use these features the Smart Price plugin (sold separately) is required.

HEA Beam Premium

Wide flange HEA steel beam.

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0,50 €

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This example demonstrates dynamic configuration – the unique feature of the Multidimensional plugin Premium.

Several elements, like angles appear on the screen only when user chooses the relevant Cutting.

The price depends on the type of the beam, it's length and the number of ordered beams.
In addition, one time extra cost is added based on the type of cutting. The straight cutting only available for a custom length and not relevant for a standard length. Also a list of standard length automatically changes when user chooses different type of the beam.

If user chooses additional processing, an extra cost is added to the total price. The processing price is calculated based on the total weight.

The extra cost added by each element is shown separately.

These complex rules are managed by the Smart Price plugin. Some of the rules are implemented as customized rules.

The example demonstrates the ability to create Smart Price rules based on the product's weight (since Smart Price module version 2.0).

See other examples for the Smart Price plugin and the multidimensional plugin.